Sunday, December 30, 2007

PARIS by Debra Moreland

Below are some photos from our fabulous PARIS Trunk Show this month... the wonderful Debra Moreland, desinger of the collection, was the true star of the show. She worked with each girl in some capacity and it was so magical watching her create such unique looks for everyone... the thing I admire most, (ok, one of the things I admire most -- there are many) is the fact that she truly listens, anticipates, and creates for each bride. She has a series of questions that she which allows her to pull just the right piece -- and most times the first one is spot on. There were many times throughout the weekend that she did complete couture pieces -- meaning she actually created something custom right then and there... it will be exciting seeing those finished products

Also, from a retailer's standpoint, she is truly one of a kind. Debra actually started out as a retailer and then went into manufacturing so she understands the importance of things like product quality standards, communication with stores and clients, and cost control. As a client, we always know that we are getting a product of the upmost quality and a true hand crafted piece for each of our brides.

Take a peek below at a few of my favorite photos from the weekend...

Here is Debra helping one of my favorite brides... can you see why? Hello! How cute is that Russian tulle veil?? (by the way, its called a 'snood')

Beautiful Paris Goodies!

Yummy treats from B.Jackson's Bakery

This arrangement was fabulous... done, of course, by the fabulous Martha Greenwood of Big Events Weddings (