Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just took our seats for

Just took our seats for Junko Yoshioka ...decadant chandeliers and handsome ushers... oh my!

Last thing for now....

A few images non-runway related.... :)

So we got some shopping done right away....

And this gentleman (more info to follow =) ) ...he crafted all the hand-rolled flowers on the Priscilla, Melissa, and Vineyard dresses & hair pieces....Love it!!

Oh oh, we mentioned it earlier, but truly....feathers are HUGE this season..[insert Sex and the City reference here].....gotta say, it is really FAB! See Lhuillier's take on the trend....oooooohhhhhhhhh..........

More later.... :) :)


Apparently Reem and her stylists had the very best time styling the runway show..... truly a very whimsical presentation.....simply stunning!!!

Lhuillier pics

Hey, so we tried to get fancy and do a little collage of the Lhuillier show for you....maybe not our best handiwork, but darn it the dresses are great and we're on a time cruch (PARIS appointment tonight, dah-lings!!!!)


*Phew!!!* We've managed to squeeze in a quick blog break promised here are some photos from the runway shows. Looks like we're circling back to fuller skirts and lots of embellishment....SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Wish we could post EVERY photo! All 500 of them!!!! :)

A new Melissa Sweet gown and stunning veil:

From Priscilla of Boston:

A stunning Vineyard:

PS: What do you think? Are you enjoying the mobile blogging!?!?! So fun! We feel like we are texting our best friends about the great party we're at....all we can say is WISH YOU WERE HERE!

Ps: grabbing lunch (pizza perhaps???)

Ps: grabbing lunch (pizza perhaps???) and then off to amsale show! Woo!


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! U WILL DIE WHEN U SEE LHUILLIERS NEW PIECES...we will post pics but there is no way we can do them any justice!!

Standing outside in line waiting

Standing outside in line waiting to go into the lhuillier show! Oh my! Super excited to see! We will update you soon & hopefully post some pics!

Reem Acra::
Totally Paris In the 1920's
I do love an appropriately styled show! Down to black bobbed wigs and feathered hadpieces in jewel tones

Aak! In the elevator with Preston Bailey and Sylvia Weinstock! In the presence of greatness!