Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She'll Wear it Again?

Inevitably in the wedding + bridesmaid dress world, we hear "you'll wear it again" from time to time :) :) ....and well, rarely does that ever happen. You've heard it, we've heard it....we've all said it, and very few of us have done it ...

Enter Erin....Erin was married last April in an art museum in Atlanta, Georgia. Erin had us at "hello"....charming, smart, and very artistic. She's sure of her style and confident in her decisions. Hard not to love a girl like that ;)

So Erin chose a very lovely Melissa Sweet gown that was traditional but edgy, feminine but modern. In a word, it was perfect for her. The talented Holly Jones captured this image of Erin.....

Skip ahead 12 months....Erin is one of the lovely brides who has kept up with us (seriously, when we say we want to keep in touch, we mean it!!!)....and lo and behold, she tells us she has modified her wedding dress. Into a cocktail number. With the intention of wearing it again.

*AHA!* Wear your wedding dress again? Love it! So sentimental, so a way, even sort of practical! (Girls, we can justify anything! :))

The darling seamstress at Oakwood Cleaners who altered Erin's gown the first time she wore it took the hem up again.... this time, a lot! :) We were so thrilled when Erin popped in to show us the final product....that's right, her mother - a talented artist! - hand painted the dress and Erin is sporting it to a family wedding in Ireland this month. Just can't *wait* to see it all together!

Erin...thanks for sharing! Just love this little dress! What a fun treasure for you to have! All the best!! {Keep up with Erin and her creative, fun, artistic ventures here!}