Friday, June 4, 2010

One of Our Own!

Many of you will remember sweet Liz from her glory days here at The Bride Room :) Liz worked with us from June 2008-June 2009 before heading to grad school for some higher education. Though we are so so so proud of our dear Liz, we miss her like crazy!

A couple of Saturdays ago, we got the call: her relationship status had officially changed and our very own Liz needed an appointment to try on dresses :) :) :) :) :) {We can't help but feel like surrogate Nashville mothers to her and our immediate response was::: she's all grown up!!!!!!!!!!}

Her mom was in town yesterday so we booked her a time to do a preliminary round of dress shopping....She looked so fabulous in everything....we can't help but wonder....who will Liz be on her wedding day??

fashion foward?

modern + fresh?

sweet + sassy?

soft + traditional?

Liz + Steph :: take 1
{can't wait for the picture of Liz + Steph at her wedding*}

(Don't worry, Adam, we didn't take any photos of anything that could be a *real* contender...and there were definitely a few!)

{*Liz, did you see how we just invited ourselves to your big day??? :)}

We know for sure that Liz's wedding day will be every bit as sweet and thoughtful as she is. So, so so happy for you, Liz!!! We love you!!!!!