Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amber + Taylor | May 16, 2009

Hello lovely happy are you that the sun is shining again in Nashville?!? Oh, it is about time :)

With that same spirit of gratitude, we introduce you today to Amber. Amber and her mom were the most delightful women...Amber joined us for a PARIS Trunk Show and found her whole look in one day. She was warm and lovely both in person and on her wedding day in her Watters gown.

We hadn't heard from her in a while and then...lo and behold...a most delightful email found it's way to us last week and we were so thrilled to see that the amazing Weddings Unveiled blog had featured our sweet bride...

Images below are courtesy of that blog, by Smitten Photography. Truly, truly - do you see the love in these photos? {Doesn't it seem too appropriate that she would have photographer named Smitten? ;)} And let's be honest....Amber is radiating joy the whole day. Ladies, *those* are the expressions you want in your wedding pictures...pure love, pure joy. :) Does our hearts good :) :)

Love, love, love you for sharing Amber. Thank you for remembering us. We are so grateful!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What a Weekend!

Hello lovelies....

The fun thing about Trunk Shows like the one we just had is the insanity...all the appointments, all the brides and their families, all the dresses and jewelry!!! And in this very special case, the designer of the collection, too....The down side is we don't really have time to blog or tweet and keep you up to date....

Not to worry, that's why we're here today. :)

We kicked off our wonderful weekend with a full day of appointments, fabulous flowers from Brocade Designs, and the ever-delicious cupcakes from B. Jacksons.

Friday morning was full of incredibly sweet brides and their families. We could go on and on about them all but definitely want to make sure you know Nina...If you follow blogs, be sure and add hers to your regular visits. She's charming and girly and all things fashionable....we loved working with her and helping her find the dress! (Not that she needed our this post to see how easy it was for her to find her gown! Amazing!!) Here's Nina (with Steph, below) and on Twitter, too (which is where the photo came from :)). A living doll, we tell you!

The day led into a private cocktail reception we held for our Platinum by Priscilla of Boston designer. We invited our friends and fellow bridal folks, and our brides who have worn - and will wear - Platinum gowns. It was, in a word, delightful.

Which brings us to Louise...some of you may already know her; perhaps in the bridal world you know her as The Thirty Something Bride. She came to our cocktail party Friday night with Tabitha, a planner and blogger for the amazing Ashley's Bride Guide. Louise was very observant and personable...she was right at home among her new friends, and with camera in hand documented many things we were not able to capture (see image of Platinum gown below...*swoon*). Please do check out her sure to catch our favorite post here. She's feisty and honest and refreshingly candid. Welcome to our world, Louise. You are a delight!

Other fun moments at the cocktail reception:

Crystal, our first bride ever to wear Platinum, with the designer of her gown! A very special moment!

Jessica from Priscilla of Boston, with Nashville make up artist extraordinaire Amy Lynn Larwig, and The Bride Room's Amy :)

Some informal modeling of Platinum gowns and Haute Bride accessories!

Saturday brought another full day and lots more "this is it!" moments. It is a weekend we will not soon forget....

Which leads us to...more special events! Mark your calendars!!

April 2 + 3 Monique Lhuillier Trunk Show
May 7 + 8 Amsale + PARIS Accessories combined Trunk Show

More info coming soon...stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Q & A with the Designer!!!!

Girls! The amazing designer of the Platinum collection was kind enough to take some time to answer some questions from a few gals from little ol' Nashville....we were so excited to hear what he had to say, and he didn't on and enjoy :)

PS:::for those of you with appointments this weekend, this is just a little preview of the fab designer you'll meet!! So exciting, right!!!

1. My inspiration for the Spring 2010 collection was: always my bride

2. The ideal Platinum bride is : a woman who lives for glamour

3. My current favorite Platinum style is: they're all my babies

4. If I weren't a designer I would be: a decorator

5. My signature style would be described as: fantasy ballgowns

6. I collect/my hobby is: clothing- for myself, and Norman Norell vintage

7. If I'm not in NYC, you can find me: in London

8. My favorite musician is: are you kidding? -- Cher!!

9. The last thing I read was: Nicky Haslam's biography - "Redeeming Features"

10. One thing people would be surprised to know about me: I am really shy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All this, and Haute Bride Too!!!

Maybe you've heard a thing or two about the upcoming combined Priscilla of Boston Trunk Show? ;)

First, we were just so excited to welcome gowns from each collection: Priscilla of Boston, Platinum, Melissa Sweet, and Vineyard. To have a selection of gowns like this, in one place, at one time, is an incredible opportunity! There is a shape, style, detail, and price point for absolutely everyone!

Then, we introduced you to Reverie by Melissa Sweet and suddenly, we're bringing five collections to this Trunk Show instead of four. And, Reverie is the quality of Melissa Sweet at a moderate price point - and feminine, soft, delightful.

Next came the unbelievable news that the designer of the Platinum collection will personally be accompanying his collection at The Bride Room. Seriously?!? Meeting and working with THE designer of your gown? Pinch us! A once-in-a-lifetime event indeed!

And NOW!!! We bring you the rest of your wedding day look....our newest accessory collection Haute Bride has graciously agreed to provide a fuller look at their collection the same you can style your complete look with a greater selection of fabulous goodies!!! Haute Bride is the perfect complement to a Platinum gown with jewels or a simple silhouette from Vineyard...

So.....needless to say, we are sort of freaking out!!! All these gowns, all these jewels, and the designer, too!!! This is always such a fun Trunk Show, but this one is shaping up to be better than ever!!! Can you say EXCITED! :) :)

Per usual with Trunk Shows, discounts are generous and appointments are required. Ladies, wait no longer...your choices for times are quickly shrinking ;) RSVP today for your appointment really can't miss it!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello, Lovelies :)

We are so very excited to introduce you to the newest gals at The Bride Room!

Stunning shapes, incredible detail....the hallmarks of a couture bridal gown you've come to expect from Priscilla of Boston.

style 4301 - the *perfect* non-strapless dress

style 4109 - a linen {yes linen} wedding gown
you have never seen a gown like this and it will take your breath away!

These beauties come just in time for our Priscilla of Boston combined Trunk Show...appointments are getting full, full, if you want to come, please let us know :) Would love to see you there!

RSVP for your appointment: 615.297.9899 |

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Very Special Guest!!!

We are so very excited to announce a new addition to our group Priscilla of Boston Trunk Show Feb 19 + 20....

The designer of the PLATINUM by Priscilla of Boston will be here in person with his collection at the Trunk Show!!!

Some of his current designs from the Fall 2010 runway show at Market....

Ladies, he is wonderful - gracious - kind - and so very incredibly talented. You do not want to miss this amazing's not every day you get to personally work with the designer of your wedding gown!

Appointments are filling - especially Saturday - so give us a call or email us soon to book your spot and meet the designer. Let's give him a big ol' sweet Southern welcome :) :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trunk Show Reminder!

Hey ladies!! Hope you're all warm!!

We are back in full swing after the snowy weekend and looking so forward to our Priscilla of Boston Trunk Show February 19 + 20!!!

As you know, there will be gowns from each collection: Priscilla of Boston, Melissa Sweet, PLATINUM, Vineyard Collection, and {introducing} Reverie.

It is always a fabulous weekend, full of amazing surely don't want to miss!! We are filling up, however, and kindly request you call or email for your appointment so you don't miss what is always one of the most exciting events of the year! Trunk Shows mean lots of dresses, great discounts, and possibly a cupcake (or two...:))....

Check out styles here and let us know if you have any excited to see you in a few weekends!

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