Thursday, October 30, 2008

We are stalkers.

There, we admitted it.
We adore our brides so much, that we stalk them as soon as we have any chance to see photos!!!!

So when Jennifer emailed us her photographer's blog posting with her wedding pictures, we went into full-on criminal-level cyber-stalking. In fact, we would have posted this blog the very second she emailed us but we've been too busy swooning over her photos. Over and over and over again. (Best. Job. Ever, we tell you!)

Check out this blog for more delicious eye candy. Kudos to the way he so appropriately captured the essence of they...the joy, the happiness....oh the yellow flowers!!!!

Jennifer rocked out this amazing Amsale gown with such sweetness and confidence - she GLOWED when she tried the dress on in the store and it so beautifully translated on her day....We love, love, LOVE how Jennifer
looks like herself - the most beautiful version of herself ever....And the spunky veil she chose was, well...just perfect.

Here's to you, Jennifer- (hope we haven't completely weirded you out :) :) ) .... you really were a joy to work with....thanks for including us and all the kindness along the way. Stop by any time!!! We will miss you!!!! Congratulations!!!!