Thursday, December 11, 2008

Timelines and Teasers :) :)

Hello, hello friends! So much to say! So much going on!!!

1......Just wanted to forward some information.....we have been hearing from our designers regarding ship schedules and across the board, the earliest ship dates are early/mid if you have a May or June wedding, take our word for it - it is absolutely NOT TOO EARLY to make a fact, it is a great time....let us know if you need to come in to see dresses or revisit some favorites....we don't want you to be stressed and will help you in any way we can!

2.....That being said...if you have a wedding sooner...we still have dresses eligible to be sold as samples .....always a great option that is budget- and timeline- stop in to see!!!!

3.....So we have this BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming....we're really excited about it.....we're getting all the info together and you should know about it very, very soon....hang will be worth the wait!!!!

4......Lastly, we are seriously thrilled that we have just received a few pieces of the Augusta Jones spring collection....surely a surprise for us that they were so quick....a little early holiday treat :) :).....there are some seriously amazing pieces....stay tuned for pictures and info about the new beauties!!!! :) :)

Have a wonderful day!!!! :)