Friday, October 30, 2009

this just makes us smile so big ....

It is utterly delightful to share with you a couple of photos that completely and unexpectedly made our week. :)

Presenting the gorgeous Taylor Swift in our very own PARIS jewelry at Katy Perry's birthday party last weekend!!!

Not to worry - you didn't miss a Taylor sighting in the store...her very sweet team of stylists saw the pretty jewelry and selected it on her behalf ;). They shared that they like to shop locally when possible...*heart be still*...they sure knew who they were talking to! We so appreciate the local business love!!! Like you, we have admired the style-savvy starlet from afar and been amazed at her maturity, her grounded-ness, and her unlikely knowing-ness...looks like she surrounds her self with good people!

Taylor wore the Petticoat Planet headband and Wren and Sparrow bracelet by Debra Moreland for PARIS. For your appointment to the Trunk Show next weekend, call or email - appointments are booking so quickly!

For more info on how you dollar can support local businesses, check out one of our fave movements here and here.

Many hopes for all treats (and no tricks!) this Halloween weekend! :) :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

PARIS Trunk Show!

Don't forget!! Next weekend - November 7 + 8 - PARIS by Debra Moreland... THE premiere accessories collection, and we're having a Trunk Show at The Bride Room!!

We are booking quickly, as Debra Moreland will be in store with her complete collection...earrings, brooches, hair ornaments, veils, barefoot sandals, cake jewelry, moms and maids accessories....everything you need!! Her pieces are of unparalleled quality and you will wear them for years to come....

We are appointment only next weekend for the Trunk Show and filling up! Let us know when you'd like to come! So excited!! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Style Us Pretty (Indeed!!)...

We are so delighted to share with you today that we are now keeping very good company over at Style Me Pretty!!!! So many of you girls have heard us go on and on about what a fabulous resource SMP is, and it's no secret we've been blog-crushing on them since the day we discovered their charming little corner of the web world....

So when they invited us to be a part of the community, we absolutely had to say yes! :) :)

Check out their precious blog, which features the most beautiful and delicious real weddings e-v-e-r!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

First and foremost, we want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have been following the madness and excitement of Fall Market in NYC! It is really remarkable how technology has revolutionized the world, and we are living testaments to the ability to feel connected all over the world. So thank you for your re-tweets, your blog comments, your emails, and your facebook messages! So much fun for us to know you are enjoying the fun as much as we are (well, almost as much as we are!)!!

We're back home now and still reveling in the whimsy of all things market this year: bows, ruffles, tulle, earth-tone color palettes, and innovative design. Kind of tempted to delcare Luxe is the New Black (er, White?) after the decadent designs and rich textures we saw and loved....Girls, get ready for some amazing dresses coming to Nashville. We are so, so excited about the gowns who are coming to live with us!

Of course, in case you missed it, the Martha Stewart Weddings 15th Anniversary Party at The Plaza was absolutely fabulous....we had such a lovely time at this, the most well-appointed event ever! Great band, great food, d-e-l-i-s-h desserts and even some star sightings!! The super-cute Polite In Public had a booth set up to take pics of us crazy shop girls; it was designed to look like a MSW mag was really cute....

Yours truly, Steph and Charlotte

The ever-sassy Debra Moreland of PARIS could you NOT want to be styled by this woman!?!? Trunk Show November 6 + 7 at The Bride Room!

Abby Larson & hubs of the extra special Style Me Pretty...(Did you see our tweet yesterday?! We were invited to be a part of the very chic SMP community! So thrilled!!)

Bridal and Bridesmaids designer extraordinaire Amsale with MSW Editor Darcy Miller

Let us know your thoughts! What were your favorites? What did you love? What do you want to see more of? Thanks for following along!! We can hardly wait 'til Spring Market! :) :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Just another Monday? Not so much....

Well we know our job isn't like most of yours, so we don't mean to rub it in, most definitely was not a regular Monday :) :)

We started off bright and early with a great breakfast meeting pow-wowing with some of the top salons from across the country...and ended at the Martha Stewart Weddings party...what more could a couple of Nashville girls want?!?!

We've been diligent and active on Twitter (hope it's not too much!!!) - but for those of you who don't tweet, we certainly don't want you to miss out!! :) So a few highlights from today:

Augusta Jones showed a collection of diverse fabrics, shapes, and textures. They have introduced a new 100% silk that drapes beautifully and sits at a moderate price is really lovely and can even translate to some of the styles you already know and love....we do love Augusta Jones' ability to customize!! Always a delight to spend some time with these gals, and excited for you to see some of the new pieces!!

We also visited with our sweet friends at Monique Lhuillier...girls, girls - Monique really showcased what she does best with this collection - dramatic and feminine; sexy and accessible; a dress for any girl getting married in any venue....we are most excited to show you which pieces are coming to live with us in Nashville...we stepped out with some dramatic, exciting styles and we really believe you will love the gowns....

Also really happy to report that Watters + Watters was totally on target this season - with style, fit, and price point. Both bridesmaids and bridal gowns were strong and wearable....get ready!

We'd be amiss if we didn't mention *just* how fabulous the Martha Stewart Party was....a big, huge thank you to the fine folks who hosted us at the publication's 15th Anniversary celebration at The Plaza. Attention to detail? Check. Full candy bar and delicious cocktails? Check. Celebs (at least to us!) Sylvia Weinstock, Robert Verdi, Reem Acra, Darcy Miller, and Preston Bailey? Check....(sigh) What a wonderful night indeed!!

Ok, this post is long enough...but one final little tidbit. In a completely unexpected turn today, we found ourselves face to face with the one and only Carolina Herrera. She was stunning, impeccably dressed and incredibly gracious. We were speechless and ever so grateful for truly an incredible moment...She was just a delight.

Goodnight friends...thanks for following along....tomorrow we have two much-anticipated appointments with Amsale and the Priscilla of Boston group...*pinch us* How lucky are we!!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So, if you've been following us via Twitter, you know we've been all over town today! And believe it or not, that was with Twitter crashing this morning -- no one had Twitter access until around noon and then, you guessed it! It was full steam ahead.... hope you've enjoyed the tidbits of info you've seen today... here is a recap on today's festivities::

Monique Lhuillier :: seriously, the space and show itself is always so modern and clean :: at Eyebeam Studios in Chelsea it was industrial and modern and a perfect
backdrop for dreamy, romantic pieces... here are our favs::

*** *** ***
From there, it was off to visit the girls at the Dessy Group who represent our beloved Lela Rose Bridesmaids collection.... first and foremost, did you know that the Dessy Group was founded in 1940 ?? Who knew it was such a family affair - the American Dream! Below is 3 generations of Dessy women:: what a pleasure to meet them and hear their rich history::

:: and here are our favorite little Lela Rose Maids gowns ::

*** *** ***
after the sweet girls at Dessy, it was an afternoon of 'research' as we like to call it... getting to know new designers, other stores, and then we ended the night with Lindsie from Haute Bride - we were thrilled with the new accessories she showed us - thats a whole post in itself! more on that later... (if you're keeping up via twitter, you've already seen some of the pieces!!)

Now, bedtime! We'll be up bright and early for a 7am meeting -- yikes! No late night socializing for us this market! We're all about the early mornings :) Stay tuned... tomorrow is a big day! Lots to see and the Martha Stewart Weddings 15th Anniversary Party is tomorrow night at The Plaza... who's excited? Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

here we go....

First, thank you. To all of you out there who are following, to all of you keeping up, thank you. It is truly a pleasure to do what we do -- and to enjoy what you do for a living (well, we live what we do :)) is an honor and you should know that we appreciate each and every one of you... that said, hope you're ready for the few days ahead. Its going to be non-stop tweeting and daily evening blogs and, honestly, we are having the time of our lives!
{let the record show that there is a great DJ spinning at the Hudson as we work... great working conditions, yes?}
We were thrilled and honored when Debra Moreland asked us to assist backstage at her very first ever New York runway show -- what a rush tonight to meet with the show coordinators and Debra and walk through the show... a New York experience we've never had -- can't wait to share backstage stories and photos with you {bright and early :: call time is 6:30am- yikes!}... more on that tomorrow...

On to the night's festivities... the Melissa Sweet Collection was amazing -- we've been waiting on something fabulous and we got it this season
! My favorite?

And what about this little Vineyard number::: cutie cute, yes?
{Photo via Twitter coverage}

And like that wasn't enough to take, here is the favorite Priscilla of Boston of the night::
{Photo via Twitter coverage}

And then, there was Platinum Collection:: amazing... I'd like to have this little girl in my own closet...
{Photo via Twitter coverage}

Of course, you know you can watch the actual show live via here -- its worth the few minutes to watch, I promise :)

Many hopes that you all enjoyed your Saturday evening as much as we did... now, off to get our beauty rest in order to make the crazy early call time in the morning! Remember, for up to the minute updates, you should be logged on Twitter here! What's on the schedule for tomorrow? So glad you asked... Paris, Monique Lhuillier, Augusta Jones, Anne Bowen, Douglas Hannant and Haute Bride.... how good is our life right now?


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Announcing PARIS Trunk Show!

Girls! Girls! It's that time again!! PARIS by Debra Moreland comes to The Bride Room for a weekend of fabulousness...Friday and Saturday November 6 and 7.

As you might recall from our Spring Trunk Show with Debra, the whole weekend is truly an experience!!

Debra is, simply, the leading bridal accessories designer. She and her artisans custom make every piece to order and they are truly of heirloom quality. Everything from veils to earrings, bracelets, hair ornaments, necklaces, barefoot sandals, cake name it, she designs and executes with only the finest materials and an acutely trained eye. She is the best, and you do not want to miss this chance to be styled personally by Debra!!!

These pieces are not limited to brides; Debra has styled many a Mother of the Occasion, Swan Ball patron, bridesmaid, grandmother, and on and on... :) Though her bridal pieces are primarily traditional in look, she also infuses color in so many styles and can customize just about anything! She's AMAZING!

The show is by appointment only, and is already booking quickly. Because appointments are so sought after for Debra's shows, we extend the invitation to our brides first...and they have jumped on board! So now, appointments are open to the public, and you will want to book yours sooner rather than later :) :) Would hate for you to miss out!!! :)

Schedule your appointment via: | 615.297.9899 | or send us a message through facebook!!


PS:::We may or may not have those oh-so-delicious-cupcakes that have become our little trademarks on hand....sparkling jewels and cupcakes...what could be better!?!!?

PS #2::::Our next post will be live from NY Bridal Market!!! EEEKKKSSS!! Can hardly stand it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Gowns!!!

With all this new excitement around market, it is only appropriate that a few new pieces have arrived from the ever fabulous Priscilla of Boston group!

Truly the photos can not show how fabulous these new beauties are....jewel details, Swarovski crystals, feathers, oh my!

You most definitely want to see these in person....they are amazing!!! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Market Madness!

Of course ya'll know how we adore market...and Fall Market starts next weekend!! Eeks!! So excited!

Thanks to the wonderful world of modern technology, you won't miss a thing :) :) We'll be live on Twitter at fashion shows...appointments...the Martha Stewart Weddings PARTY!!!! :) :) We'll also be blogging so be sure to tune in here for all the fabulousness!! :)

If you aren't already following us on twitter, do so now here!

Hope you enjoy all this fun as much as we do!! :) :) Thanks for following! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Inspires Us!

Maybe it's because The September Issue finally made it to Nashville....or the footage from our fashion show was just posted....or that market is now officially seven days away (!!!!!)....Whatever the reason, we've recently found ourselves consumed with all things fashion: following trends, investigating designers, and studying the global market about what is current and relevant.

So the timing couldn't be more perfect when the very lovely and talented Brooke Boling of Firecracker Studios invited us to partner with her for a couple of fashion stories she was preparing to shoot. We've helped ourselves to some of these amazing images from her super cute blog, and you can see the full stories here. Enjoy :)

You've probably heard us say over and over again that we have the best jobs, that we have so much fun, that we love our work and our brides. It's true, it's all totally true and every day we are so very thankful to do what we love and share in the specialness of your day and dreams....

What is also very fun for us is that you have to pick one dress, and we get them all :) :)....every year, every season, every style.... we see gowns come and go, trends turn over, designers evolve.... Undoubtedly, the larger fashion industry informs the bridal community and vice versa.

So while it is exciting and fascinating to see the new, the improved, the re-worked, and the crazy editorial pieces on the runway each season, it is also incredibly satisfying to see our very own, and our favorites, in a new and different {and decidedly fabulous!} way.

It is absolutely an honor to be considered when such innovative artists want to include us, and an total thrill when the images look this good. Many thanks to Brooke and her team that created such a visual feast for us all. Cheers!

Gowns (top to bottom): Watters + Watters | Melissa Sweet | Amsale
Veils (middle and bottom photos): Toni Federici

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cali + Matt | September 18, 2009

We are so excited to share photos with you today of Cali and Matt's super chic fall wedding....For Cali, it was all in the details - from exquisite invitations to sapphire blue shoes and a Friday night ceremony at Scarritt Bennett capped off at a fabulous reception at Sambuca. How Nashville is that!! Love it!!! :) Oh, and her bridal party was, in a word, stunning. If we didn't get to meet most of them ourselves, we would have thought she hired the prettiest girls she could find ;)

When it came to her dress, Cali knew she wanted one thing: to make a statement...and that she did! Cali was one of our very first brides to wear PLATINUM by Priscilla of Boston, and we can't help but think she was a very fine introduction to the line indeed.....The detailing on the gown is impeccable - everything from Swarovski crystals and hand embroidery to a hand sewn taffeta ruffle along the train. This is a gown for a girl with confidence, who is forward thinking and fashion conscious...Cali, you did us proud! :) :) Thank you for sharing your day with us!

Gorgeous pictures, yes? Check out the full blog post here.

Gown: PLATINUM by Priscilla of Boston
Veil: custom by PARIS