Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh, Ladies... What a wonderful Day!

Stephanie Arnold and Charlotte Poling

Just thought I'd do a quick post on what a wonderful day this is... a day to be celebrated for certain!  If you've been in our store, you've met Stephanie - the beautiful, talented, ever so chic, self-described fashionista, Stephanie -- and I'm quite certain that even if you didn't find the gown of your dreams, you found a friend in Steph.  And if you did find the gown of your dreams, you've received countless encouraging, spirited emails and phone calls from her.  Well, today marks her year anniversary with The Bride Room and I wanted all of you to know what a joy she is to have as a part of The Bride Room family!   I thank my lucky stars day after day to have her and know that as one of our brides, you do too!   Three cheers for Steph and the amazing work she does for all of us!!!