Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PARIS Trunk Show Update!

Ladies and friends! Thanks for all of your support and concern the last few days...we are carrying on, doing what we can, and counting our blessings along the way!! Thank you so much for all of your patience and understanding...we are so grateful!

We are especially happy that this weekend's PARIS Trunk Show will continue!! There will be a few modifications but the PARIS treasures you have been waiting for will be here!

Thank you for understanding that now more than ever, appointments are required for this accessories show. This will certainly help us manage the schedule, help you get the most of your appointment, and plan for the day's activity.

Brooches, veils, bracelets, earrings, oh my! Bridesmaids gifts, Mothers pieces, custom bridal goodies!! It will be a very lovely weekend....

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*Sadly, we still can not accommodate bridal gown appointments. Please email or call if you wish to be put on the waiting list! Thank you for your understanding!