Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This & That....

Hey girls...Forgive us for the intermittent posting --- the good news is, we've been so busy!!! It's that time...gearing up for weddings, getting the details wrapped up (!!!) before the Big Day....So if we've been more absent than usual, please accept our apologies!!!

Want to touch on a few things...this seems to be a post we do quarterly, but it can't be said enough!

* Give yourself TIME with your dress...if you are about a year out, it's not too early ....anywhere from 9 months - 1 year is ideal....the dress itself will take 4-6 months to come in; then you need to plan on alterations and if you are having a portrait made....Just things to think about....and why would you want it to be more stressful than it needs to be? Once you've found the dress, it can set the tone for so many other decisions....

*All that being said -- if you are on a shorter time frame, it's ok, too!!! There are rush options, sample sales, and a few other creative ideas we have up our sleeves :) :) Just be prepared to be decisive.....Come see us...we're here to help!!!

*Speaking of sample sales, if you're interested in any of the gowns we did features on a few weeks back, get your emails and phone calls in to us many inquiries and so much interest...several have sold and we're trying to keep the posts as updated as possible...snooze and let us know if you're interested!!!! :)

* Check out this amazing Melissa Sweet gown who just came to live with us at The Bride Room:

Her name is Noel and she is gorgeous...sophisticated...silky need to see her :)

Lots more to chat about.... and of course, lots of real brides to feature from the many fabulous June weddings!!! Stay tuned and stay cool!!!! :)