Friday, October 31, 2008

Not so ghoulish!

Saw this on the very fun and thought it too romantic not to share. Seriously...that's a lot of time and patience and pumpkin carving!!! Very sweet!

Happy Halloween from The Bride Room! Be safe and have lots of fun!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We are stalkers.

There, we admitted it.
We adore our brides so much, that we stalk them as soon as we have any chance to see photos!!!!

So when Jennifer emailed us her photographer's blog posting with her wedding pictures, we went into full-on criminal-level cyber-stalking. In fact, we would have posted this blog the very second she emailed us but we've been too busy swooning over her photos. Over and over and over again. (Best. Job. Ever, we tell you!)

Check out this blog for more delicious eye candy. Kudos to the way he so appropriately captured the essence of they...the joy, the happiness....oh the yellow flowers!!!!

Jennifer rocked out this amazing Amsale gown with such sweetness and confidence - she GLOWED when she tried the dress on in the store and it so beautifully translated on her day....We love, love, LOVE how Jennifer
looks like herself - the most beautiful version of herself ever....And the spunky veil she chose was, well...just perfect.

Here's to you, Jennifer- (hope we haven't completely weirded you out :) :) ) .... you really were a joy to work with....thanks for including us and all the kindness along the way. Stop by any time!!! We will miss you!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You just CAN'T miss this!!!

Debra Moreland, owner and designer of PARIS, is going to be HERE for a personal appearance and Trunk Show!

Though this is perfect for all you brides - custom rehearsal dinner pieces, wedding day jewelry / shoes / handbags - this is also a great way to get gifts and final touches for mothers, grandmothers, bridesmaids, etc....

And if you're following us but are already married or not yet engaged....not to worry, these are ideal pieces for Swan Ball and fabulous holiday parties!

Call or email soon ....we're booking up fast!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Drizzle drizzle.....

So this is Nashville today...ah, a rainy fall day in Music City......we're craving soup and pumpkin bread and hot cocoa :) :) can you relate??!?!?!

And it makes us think about you all....and all these outdoor weddings you're planning! Though we can totally see how romantic and special a rainy wedding day can be, we understand why maybe you wouldn't want one :) :)

Check out this article and enjoy these photos....wouldn't it be cute to have lots of sweet pictures with umbrellas ????

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back in the swing.....

Well we're back from Market and we are *exhausted* -- in the best possible way, of course!

Thanks to everyone who has emailed us and made comments about keeping up with the blog...sooooo glad you enjoyed it and got a peek of this fabulous Market!!!

We can say with utter confidence that you will not be disappointed when the new dresses begin arriving in the Spring!!!

Until then, we've uploaded some pictures from the fashion shows and our one-on-one appointments a at our Shutterfly Share Site:

Please do take a minute to look at them....there is a little something for everyone....(we don't have any good shots of Reem or Watters -- do accept our apologies!)....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Post Party

Hey friends...good morning....
Our last morning in the city and it is sunny again!
Have a few outstanding appts to tie up, and then we'll be shopping til
we fly out this evening...thank you so much for coming on this adventure
with's been great feeling like we're able to chat with you in
real time and not just in recaps.....hope you've enjoyed!!!!

Let's not forget....last night was the fabulous Martha Stewart Weddings party at Tavern on the Green....graciously hosted by the good folks at Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, it is an annual party celebrating all things wedding....We danced and laughed and mingled and had the best time!!! A BIG thanks to our friends at MSW for the fabulous evening!!!

Thrilled to share with you this photo of Darcy Miller, Editor of MSW Magazine, with the 2 of us....just love her!!!

Have a great day! See you in Music City!!!! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

So just leaving the martha

So just leaving the martha party @ tavern on the green..goin to Butter for dinner..we do miss the south yall.. We hope to blog in the am. nite!

Getting ready for the martha

Getting ready for the martha party...woooo!

Caving into our one splurge: Cosmetics! Getting our make-up done at Henri Bendel -- next stop: Martha Stewart Party! Pics to come!

Just an update...seeing the dresses

Just an update...seeing the dresses up close and noticing lots of beading and texture! Lots! Rich embellishment and hand appliqued pieces...

Oh oh oh wait til

Oh oh oh wait til you see the new lhuillier lace !!

Good mornin! We are leaving

Good mornin! We are leaving one appt and headed to we are buying new stock pieces that will be in store in april...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just took our seats for

Just took our seats for Junko Yoshioka ...decadant chandeliers and handsome ushers... oh my!

Last thing for now....

A few images non-runway related.... :)

So we got some shopping done right away....

And this gentleman (more info to follow =) ) ...he crafted all the hand-rolled flowers on the Priscilla, Melissa, and Vineyard dresses & hair pieces....Love it!!

Oh oh, we mentioned it earlier, but truly....feathers are HUGE this season..[insert Sex and the City reference here].....gotta say, it is really FAB! See Lhuillier's take on the trend....oooooohhhhhhhhh..........

More later.... :) :)


Apparently Reem and her stylists had the very best time styling the runway show..... truly a very whimsical presentation.....simply stunning!!!

Lhuillier pics

Hey, so we tried to get fancy and do a little collage of the Lhuillier show for you....maybe not our best handiwork, but darn it the dresses are great and we're on a time cruch (PARIS appointment tonight, dah-lings!!!!)


*Phew!!!* We've managed to squeeze in a quick blog break promised here are some photos from the runway shows. Looks like we're circling back to fuller skirts and lots of embellishment....SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Wish we could post EVERY photo! All 500 of them!!!! :)

A new Melissa Sweet gown and stunning veil:

From Priscilla of Boston:

A stunning Vineyard:

PS: What do you think? Are you enjoying the mobile blogging!?!?! So fun! We feel like we are texting our best friends about the great party we're at....all we can say is WISH YOU WERE HERE!

Ps: grabbing lunch (pizza perhaps???)

Ps: grabbing lunch (pizza perhaps???) and then off to amsale show! Woo!


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! U WILL DIE WHEN U SEE LHUILLIERS NEW PIECES...we will post pics but there is no way we can do them any justice!!

Standing outside in line waiting

Standing outside in line waiting to go into the lhuillier show! Oh my! Super excited to see! We will update you soon & hopefully post some pics!

Reem Acra::
Totally Paris In the 1920's
I do love an appropriately styled show! Down to black bobbed wigs and feathered hadpieces in jewel tones

Aak! In the elevator with Preston Bailey and Sylvia Weinstock! In the presence of greatness!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trend Report!!
From where we sit, here is what we are seeing::
One Shloulder
Hand Rolled Floral Detail
Fuller Skirts!
Pockets Remain!

EEEKS!! Just saw the POB/MS/VC

EEEKS!! Just saw the POB/MS/VC shows and we promise they are fab! A note for your colors for 09...mustard, pewter & teal...GORGEOUS!

We have taken our seats

We have taken our seats @ the priscilla / melissa sweet show and all signs point to AMAZING! Can not WAIT to bring photos and details! Miss yall!

Hey! Checking in from the

Hey! Checking in from the back of a cab! Truly a picture perfect day.. lots of shopping & walking under our belt...priscilla show in a few hrs!

We are here! Just arrived

We are here! Just arrived and it is a gorgeous morning in NYC! Stay tuned! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Here We Go!

First and foremost, because October seems to be rapidly closing in on us (how on earth did THAT happen?!!?) - do take time to visit have done an AMAZING job all week honoring breast cancer survivors with Pink Posts- weddings that have been oh-so-lovely shades of our favorite hue....*sigh* ....that's REAL inspiration!!!!

So we wanted to get this post up bright and early today but what do you super busy with sweet brides and maids and moms and sisters....that we're just now sitting down to fill you in.....

What we know is that we arrive in the City tomorrow and start with a bang with the Priscilla of Boston Group Fashion Shows....

We are super excited that we have meetings and appointments with new friends and familiar ones...and hope to get some shopping done along the way (don't worry, that is not really in jeopardy!)

Maybe it worked out ok that we just now have a chance to blog it out....because we're picking up some super fun updates from Martha Stewart Weddings Editor Darcy Miller....looks like she's posting in real time, too!!!

Speaking of Martha, her recent blog gives us some gorgeous snapshots of her assistant's wedding here in Music City a few weeks's a fave of the bride in Amsale, her groom, and the fab Miss Martha....(congrats, Liesl! don'tchya love the South!?!?!)

That's all for time you hear from us, we'll be at Market in NY!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Introducing Mrs. Norton!

So today's real wedding is Anna .... the loveliest of brides who wore a Lhuillier bustier and skirt....and did it with such grace and beauty. We really loved the sense of tradition and timelessness from Anna's dress and style....and love how it carried through to her wedding celebration....Her maids were in rosemary and ivory Watters bridesmaids dresses that complimented her own gown so well.....just gorgeous!

Anna and her new hubby are on a new adventure, faithfully serving this great country through a commitment to the military...
We wish you all only the best in all the years to come and thank you for the sacrifice you are making! Thank you so much for working with us and being such a pleasure!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We are really, really happy today to introduce you to Leigh....

Leigh was fresh, spunky, sweet, and totally not into herself.
She is part of the super-cute, super-chic team
A Delightful Day and we loved working with her to create
this custom PARIS piece for her lovely wedding day hair.

Leigh..... you were sooo beautiful! Hope you had the very best
day ever!!! Here's to many more!! Come see us any time!!! :) :)

Vineyard, how we love you!

Featured on yesterday's blog, a preview of Vineyard's new sampled THIS WEEKEND at Market!

"I really get inspired by the natural, seasonal evolution of shape and silhouette," Vineyard designer Mark Brower says of his newest bridal collection. "The overall feeling is for long, lean and seductive silhouettes."

The Bride Room has had Vineyard about a year, so we are super excited to see the new collection!

PS: Feeling stressed about your wedding? Feeling overwhelmed or have you found yourself consumed by details and decisions? Check out the post from Saturday from the (super cute) gals at Beach House Brides for some inspiration and perspective. Love it, love it!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Week Of....

It's finally here! The week of Fall Market 08! (Kinda feels like getting ready for a wedding...imagine that!!!)

We had a busy wedding weekend in our own lives, so we've found ourselves this Monday morning going through the mental checklist to re-focus on market:

Weather forecast? Check.
Good reading for the plane (see above...that cute li'l dress on the cover is a Vineyard Collection dress!!!)? Check.
A plan for shopping, working, eating, shopping, working, and eating? Check.
Fabulous hotel on Lex? Check.
The best blog readers EVER who will get up-to-date details on runway shows and new gowns? Check!

You know we are so very excited....and we just can't wait to share with you!

Other things you need to know:

Yes, we are staying open regular hours....Fantastic Liz and our dear friend and former colleague Halie will be manning the make your appointment now! :)

We will be in NYC Saturday through Tuesday...
We're seeing the Fall 2009 line, which will be in store Spring 2009 (confusing enough for you?!?!!)....

We are SUPER excited and want YOU to be a keep checking back....and any tips on shopping/dining are warmly received!!!!

Stay tuned!

Friday, October 10, 2008


10 day forecast for NYC is now available!!!

And look what it told us for Saturday, Oct 18!!! WOO!!!

Sunny and 62...perfect weather for!!!! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Even Sketchier...

Great minds think alike! Looks like has all the same favorites we do -- Today's pick was Amsale...such amazing, classic, romantic looks -- you've been in and seen them - you know exactly what I mean! Here is a bit from the blog ...only 7 days until we see the real thing -- and you do too! (via this blog, of course!)

"My approach for the Fall 2009 Amsale collection was to combine structure with softness, taking inspiration from architectural details to create the perfect relationship between hard and soft," says designer Amsale Aberra.

Amsale certainly knows a thing or two about understated elegance—Halle Berry and Katherine Heigl have worn her designs, and her gowns have been featured on Grey's Anatomy and 27 Dresses. —Kathryn Papanek

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


As you know, we've been following the blog over at -- who, by the way, updates the blog like 10 times a day! WOO!

One of today's Market Previews is showcasing our very own Priscilla of Boston! Well done, Brides!

A tidbit from the post:

"My vision for my Spring '09 collection entails a harmonious balance of silhouette, fabric and embellishment with authentic beading and trims," says designer Tracy Uomoleale.

Oh! and we just can't wait to bring you photos of the Fall '09 collections!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


These stunning photos, compliments of Michael Howard, are just a peek into the day of our gorgeous bride Ashley....

The wedding was outside at the rustic-chic Belle Meade Plantation and we rejoiced last Sunday when the Nashville weather cooperated to give Ashley and Anthony a very memorable day.

We dare say Ashley had perfect wedding hair...and rocked the Lhuillier to a whole new level!

Ashley - thanks soooo much for working with us and entrusting this major part of your day to us! You were a pleasure and an absolutely beautiful bride!!!

Gown by Monique Lhuillier | Veil by Toni Federici | Bridesmaids by Amsale

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Martha, Martha, Martha!

So the plans are laid for the Martha Stewart Party in a few weeks (yes, yes at Market)....and we were already super excited when we got word that we landed tickets to the Martha Show...(no details yet on the show theme that day...stay tuned :) :) )....

And then Darcy Miller's fab blog informed us that Martha's own assistant, Liesl, was married right here in Franklin, Tennessee!!!

Sporting a fantastic Amsale gown, Liesl was gifted with gorgeous Darcy's posts leading up to the wedding - she chatted it up about transporting your dress, final fittings, bustling the gown, and jewelry....good tips!

We are so looking forward to the winter issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, when they dish on all the details!!!

Check out this fun photo of Martha when she was a model in the pretty, right?!?!?!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October First.

October is finally here. (sigh) We can actually feel justified going on and on and on....and on and on about Market!!!!

What you need to know: the team at is updating their li'l blog with runway sneak-peeks. Brilliant, we say - they are obsessed, too...and we can indulge! Hey, it's research!!

Also - watch out! We're getting all techie on you.....we connected our phones to this very blog and will be able to text in our updates from Market...that's right! Real time blogging from the runway! From the Martha Stewart Party! From the Martha Show! (Fingers x'd for tickets!!!!)

Don't worry, won't miss a minute of the action!!!