Friday, September 18, 2009

(don't think we can sleep right now!)

Open House + Fashion Show recap, part 1 of many :) :)

In short: Big Events Wedding is AMAZING!

There are so many things to say, so many people to thank, so many stories to tell and dresses to share,'s late, and we have a FABULOUS Trunk Show the next two forgive us if we are a little brief tonight and save the good stuff for a different (clearer?) post.... :) :)

Just HAD to share a few snapshots that we've lifted from some Twitter pages....

Pre-show fun:

the models lined up & models with charlotte of the bride room :)

Cecily by Amsale (top) + PL290 by Platinum

Our designers provided the gowns but the fine folks at Street Tuxedo provided the other eye, menswear team....Lipscomb Students who just happen to rock tuxedos like it's their jobs :) :) They were very sweet and Street's tuxes were GORGEOUS! They are your experts for your groom/groomsmens/dads....

Stay tuned for so much'll love it, promise!! :) :)

PS:: If you took photos tonight, we would love to see them!

PSS:: If you want to come to the Trunk Show this weekend, we have definitely transitioned to appointment-only mode :) :) Please call or email to see what/if anything is available :) Can't wait!

PSSS:::Market is officially less than a month away! Get out! What a month!!!!!!!