Saturday, August 30, 2008

Twinkle Toes

One of the trickiest parts of completing the full ensemble for The Big!!! Who knew?!?!

For a variety of reasons -- heel height, comfort, color, style -- it seems to be a place of contention for a sensible yet stylish bride.....Though we do have some really cute and comfy shoes from Grace shoes, it's sometimes fun to see what else is out there, especially in an area where you can infuse personal style!

Just offering a celeb-inspired solution: Natalie Portman's new line of shoes for Tescasan.

Youthful, fresh, 100% vegan (yes, that's what we said),and definitely re-wearable.... Check this out from the website:

Beyond just lending her name to the collection, Portman worked closely with Té Casan throughout the entire development process to maintain consistent quality with an exceptional design aesthetic. Dazzling, playful and elegant, each shoe exudes the star’s own personal style - all with social consciousness. To that end Portman will donate 100% of her proceeds to various non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental preservation and animal rights.

Three cheers for being sassy and socially aware!!