Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Susan | Bridal Portraits

We are so excited to bring you these images today! Susan was a beloved bride of The Bride Room who was married just eleven days ago. She was so sweet to jot us a note from Maui (not jealous or anything!) to let us know that her fab photographer Mel of La Dolce Vita Studio had posted her portraits!

Susan is one of the lucky Platinum by Priscilla of Boston brides who got to meet the designer of her gown in February. It was especially fun for us because Susan seemed to really understand what an amazing opportunity it was to meet her gown's creator. So so fun!

Susan in red, with her cousin and the designer
photo by yours truly, on the good ol' iPhone :)

Enjoy this eye candy from Mel's blog....

Many more gorgeous photos here!

Venue: Cheekwood
Dress: Platinum by Priscilla of Boston
Shoes: Grace
Shoe Brooches: Haute Bride