Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday at Market | Recap!

Maybe we're feeling extra ambitious...two posts in one day :) :) But while we're fresh from our day and before our evening excursions, we thought we'd fill you in on the fun stuff from today!!

We started our sunny, sunny Sunday with our meeting at Augusta Jones....we were thrilled to see some really gorgeous pieces...designer Charlotte presented gowns with simple details - rouching, folds, delicate details, the perfect sweetheart neck - and kept the silhouettes classic and wearable....Those of you who have worn or tried Augusta Jones know that her fit is impeccable and these new gowns certainly show off that craftsmanship....take a peek :)

{those bustles? are adjustable!!! seriously! tighter pick ups or looser, softer bustles...your custom look!! genius!}

Then we made our way to our one-on-one with Amsale to see the gowns from yesterday up close...and really and truly, the swoon worthy-ness is sort of off the charts....Amsale is so modern and architectural but she infuses that aesthetic into soft, feminine gowns. We. Die.

And the Little White Dress Collection by Amsale? Simply darling this season!!! Amazing fabrics and the perfect shapes and styles.....wouldn't you know that there was a style perfect for each of The Bride Room girls this season??? :) :) :) Introducing.....

...the Amy....

....the Stephanie....

... & the Charlotte.... :)

And while we are at Amsale, the girls from the Christos collection allowed us to see the collection....girls, this is the fun of market! See what is out there, what looks good...Christos was so beautiful!!! Such a treat to get to see such a beautiful collection up close and personal! Have a peek at some of our favorites:::

Tonight is dinner with a sweet Nashville friend.......and tomorrow the Priscilla group, PARIS by Debra Moreland, and Watters...and some more appointments to see what's-what....hoping to have lots more pictures and exciting updates. This....never gets old :) :) Thanks so much for following along!!!

Saturday at Market | Recap!

Good morning, friends!!! So excited to be checking in with you from NYC, in the midst of perfect weather and a most wonderful market!

A quick (er....not so quick...sorry!) recap from yesterday....two great shows and we know you’ll want to know all about them :)

We kicked off the designer shows yesterday with Amsale. We were invited to the press show, so the atmosphere was a bit more intimate than a full-on runway show and we were able to connect with the cutie-pies from Weddings Unveiled (hi, Emily! :)) and Get Married (hi, Stacie & co!!!) fun!

Amsale’s current bridesmaid collection is an extension of her oh-so beautiful silk chiffon designs. We think you’ll love the new styles and her creative use of fabric...just when we thought she had quite possible mastered the chiffon maids dress with last year’s collection, out came some really darling dresses -- natural and high waists....ruffles, gathers, flowers and non-strapless styles....we’re super excited to have some fresh dresses for your girls! Take a peek....

And when her bridal dresses started down the runway, there was a collective gasp in the room....Amsale has taken her classic, clean style and softened it a bit this season {think a little less architecture, a little more playfulness}. The gowns were infused with romance and whimsy...there were full skirts and oversized floral details and soft, feminine touches....all on the classic Amsale shapes we know and love. Truly breathtaking!!

{don't even get us started on that necklace!!}

We were just delighted to be surprised by new fabric....most interesting might have been the silk jacquard fabric that Amsale exuded a warm, vintage tone with it’s brocade-like texture but stayed true to Amsale with the modern style and impeccable fit. A very pleasant surprise!!!

Next stop was the always, always, always fabulous Priscilla of Boston Group Runway Show! The show is always well-attended and well-produced and it’s come to be THE Saturday-night-of-market event. This season, the group says that each collection was challenged to go back to its roots - back to what brought it to life...we were so charmed by how that translated....

Melissa Sweet showed some beautiful, feminine designs on a range of silhouettes. The Melissa Sweet bride tends to be a little bit vintage couture and a little bit modern, but all and all totally feminine....some favorites:

Vineyard Collection’s sweet sophistication was apparent through the relaxed and casual looks we have come to love....Never too serious or too stuffy, Vineyard continues to be playful and young....and we love it :)

The Priscilla of Boston namesake collection most definitely got back to it’s roots...classic Priscilla styles for the traditional and elegant bride were abundant and we couldn’t get enough! As usual, there was incredible attention to detail through texture and silhouette...can’t wait to see these gowns up close!!!

This was our first runway show since Reverie by Melissa Sweet has been a part of The Bride it was so fun to see these dresses knowing that some of them will come live with us :) :) :) Not surprisingly, this spring collection stayed true to the free spirit of a Reverie bride ....with maybe even a touch of bohemian whimsy. Soft and sweet, draping and light fabrics are the hallmarks of this collection...and they were so very lovely.....

And (finally!) the Platinum for Priscilla of Boston was nothing short of show-stopping....the designer continues to produce gowns for the modern, glamorous woman. Ball gowns, rich beadwork, the most amazing fit to the body -- no detail is neglected with Platinum. This collection is truly, truly magnificent....the only words that come to mind....opulent, luxurious, glamour......These gowns are most certainly for a confident bride who is quite comfortable being the center of attention!!!

That’s it for now (that’s quite enough, yes!??)....we have a full day of appointments today and will continue to tweet photos as we be sure and follow along....Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

{And in case you’re wondering....H & M on a beautiful spring Saturday in NYC is nearly impossible...nearly...we managed but it wasn’t easy ;)}