Friday, October 17, 2008

Here We Go!

First and foremost, because October seems to be rapidly closing in on us (how on earth did THAT happen?!!?) - do take time to visit have done an AMAZING job all week honoring breast cancer survivors with Pink Posts- weddings that have been oh-so-lovely shades of our favorite hue....*sigh* ....that's REAL inspiration!!!!

So we wanted to get this post up bright and early today but what do you super busy with sweet brides and maids and moms and sisters....that we're just now sitting down to fill you in.....

What we know is that we arrive in the City tomorrow and start with a bang with the Priscilla of Boston Group Fashion Shows....

We are super excited that we have meetings and appointments with new friends and familiar ones...and hope to get some shopping done along the way (don't worry, that is not really in jeopardy!)

Maybe it worked out ok that we just now have a chance to blog it out....because we're picking up some super fun updates from Martha Stewart Weddings Editor Darcy Miller....looks like she's posting in real time, too!!!

Speaking of Martha, her recent blog gives us some gorgeous snapshots of her assistant's wedding here in Music City a few weeks's a fave of the bride in Amsale, her groom, and the fab Miss Martha....(congrats, Liesl! don'tchya love the South!?!?!)

That's all for time you hear from us, we'll be at Market in NY!!!!!!!!