Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June isn't the only month!

So many assume that we "must be slammed this time of year!" Well, the truth is, we're slammed all year long! I came across this chart (we're nerds at The Bride Room, really, NERDS.) and thought I'd share... I found it quite interesting! We're certainly finding these trends to be true. Here's to Weddings in all seasons! Happy Wednesday...

This from
Contrary to popular belief, June is not the only popular month to tie the knot. In recent years, weddings have become popular year-round, with autumn months gaining in the ranks by leaps and bounds.
The chart below indicates the most popular months to marry in the United States:

Statistics: The Knot, National Center for Health Statistics, 1998 U.S. Census Bureau, BRIDE'S Magazine Reader Study 2001