Monday, October 13, 2008

The Week Of....

It's finally here! The week of Fall Market 08! (Kinda feels like getting ready for a wedding...imagine that!!!)

We had a busy wedding weekend in our own lives, so we've found ourselves this Monday morning going through the mental checklist to re-focus on market:

Weather forecast? Check.
Good reading for the plane (see above...that cute li'l dress on the cover is a Vineyard Collection dress!!!)? Check.
A plan for shopping, working, eating, shopping, working, and eating? Check.
Fabulous hotel on Lex? Check.
The best blog readers EVER who will get up-to-date details on runway shows and new gowns? Check!

You know we are so very excited....and we just can't wait to share with you!

Other things you need to know:

Yes, we are staying open regular hours....Fantastic Liz and our dear friend and former colleague Halie will be manning the make your appointment now! :)

We will be in NYC Saturday through Tuesday...
We're seeing the Fall 2009 line, which will be in store Spring 2009 (confusing enough for you?!?!!)....

We are SUPER excited and want YOU to be a keep checking back....and any tips on shopping/dining are warmly received!!!!

Stay tuned!