Monday, May 3, 2010

Update | Flood 2010

We are recovering....but open, safe, and thankful...oh-so thankful...

As some of you know too well, Mother Nature was in full force this weekend in our beloved Music City. The Green Hills area was impacted, and unfortunately, we were not spared. The Bride Room experienced some flooding due to the record-breaking rain, and we are looking at the immediate future as days of recovering and restoring our precious store.

Please know that our dresses and merchandise are completely okay- we couldn't be more thankful or relieved to report that our brides' dresses and treasures as well as our samples, veiling, jewelry, furniture, electronics, etc. are completely fine. Perfect, in fact. We are thankful for the blessings (miracles?) around us.

Our floors, however, will have to be replaced. Inconvenient? Unfortunate? Yes. Tragic? Catastrophic? No. We are so grateful to say that the damage done is not permanent and not personally devastating. We are some of the survivors of this unexpected flood who can - and will - come out okay.

We will operate under normal business hours as much as the floor replacement permits. Please understand that there will be some adjusted hours along the way. We will communicate these changes as much and often as possible. (Do you keep up with this blog regularly? Check our twitter? Have you friended us on facebook? Now might be the best time to do that...:) )

Ultimately, we are still here to help. We want things to resume and carry on as normal - believe us! :) Normal bridal appointments simply can not be accommodated in our space at this time. We are glad to help with other details, though -- bridesmaids measurements, color palettes, anything else! Many thanks for your understanding and patience during a time of transition and unusual circumstances.

We believe that this is a unique crisis for this town. What we know for sure is that the people of Nashville are generous and the collective spirit is one of compassion and charity. It is difficult and humbling as a small business to see our own people struggle - this, the very same community that has supported us and allowed us a place to call home. To those of you calling and emailing us and checking in - the biggest, warmest thanks to you!!! Brides, friends, vendors, colleagues....your concern is so, so appreciated.

We gratefully look forward to sunnier days :)

Stay tuned for more information and updates...