Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy NY Fashion Week! Er...we mean President's Day!

Leave it to us to take a national federal holiday and geek out over the way it ties into...well, what really matters of course....Wedding Day Fashion :) :) :)

Our very own Priscilla of Boston had the pleasure of creating the timeless looks for the brides Nixon as well as Luci Johnson.....

[Fun facts.....Priscilla Kidder (THE Priscilla of Boston!) personally escorted Tricia Nixon's wedding dress to the White House, with an armed escort of secret service agents. A first class seat was purchased for the dress to ensure it's safe journey. The story of the gown and the Priscilla of BostonTM company was a featured cover story in Life magazine in 1971.]

See.....Priscilla's collections truly transcend time and remain classic...

Luci Johnson (1966):

Tricia Nixon (1971)

Julie Nixon (1968):

I think we can take the politics out of it altogether and agree that these brides were gorgeous!!!

Have a great President's Day!!!! :)