Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Store Hours Altered ::: New Floors!!!

Hello sweet friends!!!

Our apologies for being a touch MIA lately...as you can imagine, all of our energy is being shifted to maintaining regular operations around the store. We have been so fortunate with timely deliveries, understanding brides, and patient vendors. Many, many thanks for your kindness!!!

We've been thankful to be in the store this past week....but this week will be a little different! We know for sure that Wednesday, May 12 & Thursday, May 13 we will not be open. The pretty new floors are being installed and it is not an environment conducive to business-as-usual...We will be continually assessing progress and will update you about Friday as we know.

Please call or email us if you have questions - we will be checking email and voicemail periodically. It is our most primary intention to maintain continuity of care for each of you. We appreciate your patience as we manage under unusual circumstances.

We are taking appointments for this Saturday, and the schedule is filling quickly. Please understand that we are definitely appointment-only as we accommodate brides who have been so patient to wait their turn. :)

As with any construction, we are hoping that installation goes smoothly and without delay. Join us in keeping your pretty little fingers crossed! Believe it or not, we are more anxious than you are to be fully operating again :) :)

Stay tuned for updates/changes/news-of-opening-celebrations :):)