Saturday, October 17, 2009

here we go....

First, thank you. To all of you out there who are following, to all of you keeping up, thank you. It is truly a pleasure to do what we do -- and to enjoy what you do for a living (well, we live what we do :)) is an honor and you should know that we appreciate each and every one of you... that said, hope you're ready for the few days ahead. Its going to be non-stop tweeting and daily evening blogs and, honestly, we are having the time of our lives!
{let the record show that there is a great DJ spinning at the Hudson as we work... great working conditions, yes?}
We were thrilled and honored when Debra Moreland asked us to assist backstage at her very first ever New York runway show -- what a rush tonight to meet with the show coordinators and Debra and walk through the show... a New York experience we've never had -- can't wait to share backstage stories and photos with you {bright and early :: call time is 6:30am- yikes!}... more on that tomorrow...

On to the night's festivities... the Melissa Sweet Collection was amazing -- we've been waiting on something fabulous and we got it this season
! My favorite?

And what about this little Vineyard number::: cutie cute, yes?
{Photo via Twitter coverage}

And like that wasn't enough to take, here is the favorite Priscilla of Boston of the night::
{Photo via Twitter coverage}

And then, there was Platinum Collection:: amazing... I'd like to have this little girl in my own closet...
{Photo via Twitter coverage}

Of course, you know you can watch the actual show live via here -- its worth the few minutes to watch, I promise :)

Many hopes that you all enjoyed your Saturday evening as much as we did... now, off to get our beauty rest in order to make the crazy early call time in the morning! Remember, for up to the minute updates, you should be logged on Twitter here! What's on the schedule for tomorrow? So glad you asked... Paris, Monique Lhuillier, Augusta Jones, Anne Bowen, Douglas Hannant and Haute Bride.... how good is our life right now?