Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Couldn't resist....

Are these not the most charming little place cards you have ever seen?

Our day was brightened via Something Old, Something New.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Holiday Hours

Hey ladies! Can you believe it's already this time again!?

We wanted to update you with our hours for next weekend, the July 4th weekend....

Friday, July 3rd - 9am-5pm
(opening one hour early)
Appointments are booking up for Friday and are greatly appreciated.

Saturday, July 4th - closed
Like you, we are looking forward to celebrating the holiday with our families!

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to come in another time next week!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Color is Your Friend!!!

A bridesmaid thought today......

Our new Fall 2009 Jim Hjelm bridesmaids are already starting to roll in....So new that they're not even on the website yet....but this one in particular is just so darned cute we had to share....excuse the bootlegged-ness of the photos :) :) {though it's not too shabby for a cell phone pic, no??}

The color is called snapdragon, and it really packs a punch....screams perfection for a summery affair....Not sure about using such a bold color? Check out this fabulous affair for inspiration!!!! (Okay, okay...maybe color isn't the ONLY thing we love sooo much about this wedding......Let the record show that we had absolutely nothing to do with this particular celebration...we just stumbled across this post yesterday and have been d-y-i-n-g over it since!!!)

The little Jim Hjelm number is silk shantung and tea length...all you girls who have loved similar styles but do not love sashes/bows, this one is for you!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This & That....

Hey girls...Forgive us for the intermittent posting --- the good news is, we've been so busy!!! It's that time...gearing up for weddings, getting the details wrapped up (veils...bridesmaids...shoes!!!) before the Big Day....So if we've been more absent than usual, please accept our apologies!!!

Want to touch on a few things...this seems to be a post we do quarterly, but it can't be said enough!

* Give yourself TIME with your dress...if you are about a year out, it's not too early ....anywhere from 9 months - 1 year is ideal....the dress itself will take 4-6 months to come in; then you need to plan on alterations and if you are having a portrait made....Just things to think about....and why would you want it to be more stressful than it needs to be? Once you've found the dress, it can set the tone for so many other decisions....

*All that being said -- if you are on a shorter time frame, it's ok, too!!! There are rush options, sample sales, and a few other creative ideas we have up our sleeves :) :) Just be prepared to be decisive.....Come see us...we're here to help!!!

*Speaking of sample sales, if you're interested in any of the gowns we did features on a few weeks back, get your emails and phone calls in to us soon....so many inquiries and so much interest...several have sold and we're trying to keep the posts as updated as possible...snooze and lose....so let us know if you're interested!!!! :)

* Check out this amazing Melissa Sweet gown who just came to live with us at The Bride Room:

Her name is Noel and she is gorgeous...sophisticated...silky soft....you need to see her :)

Lots more to chat about.... and of course, lots of real brides to feature from the many fabulous June weddings!!! Stay tuned and stay cool!!!! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Brooke + Logan | May 15, 2009

Girls, let this be a lesson...When we say we want photos of you, we really, really, really mean it.... We were about to start stalking Brooke with emails requesting photos when she sent these our way...We smiled all. day. long. when we saw them....Just look at Logan...how could you NOT smile ear to ear??? (sigh)

Photos by the uber-talented Meggie Velasco....loving her style! Gown (with customs!) by the always spot-on Augusta Jones....

(This is when Logan saw Brooke for the first time. We love this guy!)

(This photo was actually taken by Brooke's brother....love it!)

We could go on and on and on about Brooke and her super sweet mother....there is such a sweetness and goodness of spirit that we can not capture in words. And truly, truly - do you know people who are absolutely stunningly beautiful on the outside, but have no clue? So that makes them all the more gorgeous? That's Brooke. She was so kind to us, so sweet, so thankful, so genuine.....Honestly, it was an absolute blessing to be a part of this super sweet day....

Brooke, a million hugs from miles away....Please don't be a stranger....we looooved your enthusiasm, your incredibly authentic spirit, your selflessness....a real, true pleasure working with you...Happy married life to you, doll!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank you, The Knot!!!

What a fun lunch we had today!!! The Knot, the leading wedding planning and resource site on the web, hosted a fabulous lunch 'n learn today at Nashville hot spot Cabana.... and it was absolutely delightful!!!

Sweet friends (new and old) from all around Nashville were there, and Cabana provided some truly delicious food!!! Heard some fascinating, interesting, pertinent data about YOU - the brides planning and executing the most fabulous weddings ever......

Check out The Knot for inspiration, ideas, Real Weddings, and of course, all the resources you could ever want. We are so proud to be a part of a community of industry leaders and associated with professionals who are innovative, progressive, and truly the best of the best!

To the gals at The Knot....thank you for the hospitality (and too-cute goodie bags!!)!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Girls in Town

So why did being the new kid get such a bad rap? You know what we mean? Like being the new kid at school or on the team or whatever.....

Well we're here making our best effort to take away all the weird connotations associated with being the new girl...trying to fit in...finding a place....Here's hoping these (new!) oh so lovely Priscilla of Boston gowns make you smile....it took us NO time to get acquainted and bring them right into our little family of gorgeous gowns :)

Priscilla of Boston style 4312 - the detail on this one shoulder gown is exquisite....coupled with the dropped waist and pockets, you'll be making a statement that is both classic and very, very modern.
Priscilla of Boston Style 4310 - you really must see this in person....the combination of the soft, soft silk organza and the chunky crystal trim is genius design....an amazing shape and fabulous neckline!
Priscilla of Boston style 4309 - amazing waist line and full skirt....gorgeous crystal detail at the center and pleating from waist that slimming, chic, and totally classic!

Can't wait for you to see them too!!!! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sample Sale Wrap Up

Hi friends....

So many thanks for bearing with us through several weeks of Sample Sale updates.....We are beyond thrilled with the response, and want to add a few thoughts here...before returning to regular blogging :)

*Not every dress eligible to be sold off the rack is listed. If you have a question about a dress you have loved, feel free to ask! 

*As they sell, we will do our best to update the posts so if you are thinking about one, you will be up-to-date!

*There are also some Reem Acra dresses eligible, for which we do not have any images...specifically the Beloved, Mysterious, Harmony, and Attraction dresses. 


All that said, we have new dresses in store and lots of real weddings to update you on ..... enjoy this photo of our sweet bride Erin in the meantime (we know! tease!) ....Can't wait to be back in the swing! Miss you girls! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sample Sale Extravaganza | Augusta Jones

There are dresses from every designer on sample sale. We've said it before, we'll say it again - an AMAZING way to get a designer dress at a fabulous price!! If you're on a time crunch (or not!); a budget (or not!); or just love the idea of being resourceful.....this is for you!

Today's feature: Augusta Jones

Style: Kenna | Size:  12*  | Color: Ivory

Style: Isola | Size:  12*  | Color: Ivory

Style: Allegra | Size:  12*  | Color: Ivory
(shrug not included)

Please call or email for cost + details. Remember, sample sales are first come, first served and they are actively being sold. Also, we are more than happy to facilitate shipment out-of-state of sample gowns.....

*Please note that Augusta Jones' size chart runs a tad smaller than others and a 12 in Augusta Jones is not like a 12 in ready-to-wear....Feel free to call with questions or pop by to see them!

615.297.9899 | thebrideroom@comcast.net