Friday, October 30, 2009

this just makes us smile so big ....

It is utterly delightful to share with you a couple of photos that completely and unexpectedly made our week. :)

Presenting the gorgeous Taylor Swift in our very own PARIS jewelry at Katy Perry's birthday party last weekend!!!

Not to worry - you didn't miss a Taylor sighting in the store...her very sweet team of stylists saw the pretty jewelry and selected it on her behalf ;). They shared that they like to shop locally when possible...*heart be still*...they sure knew who they were talking to! We so appreciate the local business love!!! Like you, we have admired the style-savvy starlet from afar and been amazed at her maturity, her grounded-ness, and her unlikely knowing-ness...looks like she surrounds her self with good people!

Taylor wore the Petticoat Planet headband and Wren and Sparrow bracelet by Debra Moreland for PARIS. For your appointment to the Trunk Show next weekend, call or email - appointments are booking so quickly!

For more info on how you dollar can support local businesses, check out one of our fave movements here and here.

Many hopes for all treats (and no tricks!) this Halloween weekend! :) :)