Monday, March 22, 2010

Sample Sale Extravaganza | Featured Designer: Melissa Sweet + Vineyard Collection

There are dresses from every designer on sample sale. We've said it before, we'll say it again - an AMAZING way to get a designer dress at a fabulous price!! If you're on a time crunch (or not!); a budget (or not!); or just love the idea of being resourceful.....this is for you!

Today's feature: Melissa Sweet + Vineyard Collection

Melissa Sweet:

Style: Sidney | Color: Ivory | Size: 10 - SOLD!

Style: Noel | Color: Ivory | Size: 8 - SOLD!

Vineyard Collection:

Style: Emily | Color: Ivory | Size: 8

Style: Tinsley | Color: Ivory | Size: 10

Please call or email for cost + details. Remember, sample sales are first come, first served and they are actively being sold. Also, we are more than happy to facilitate shipment out-of-state of sample gowns.....

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