Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thinking Green....

Couldn't resist the St. Patrick's Day inspiration of a green-themed post....sorry if it's super cheesy, but it seems like an easy fit because we are so in love with so many of our bridesmaids dresses right now!!!!

You can really style a fabulous green wedding about a million different ways.....check it out below....green can mean "teal" or "mint" or "celadon" or "kelly" green.....

Lela Rose 100

Amsale 451C

Watters 7415

Lazaro 5853

Jim Hjelm 3942

Let us know how we can help you find the perfect bridesmaids dress.....
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!


Whitney said...

Where is that first dress from? I have a friend that is looking for bridesmaids dresses and I may want to tell her about this one...

Thanks, ladies :) Hope yall are doing well! I may need to come in just to say hi sometime soon! Take care.

The Bride Room said...

hey whitney!
well it's from right here at The Bride Room, of course :)

that is a Lela Rose dress and we have it in store...it is positively *darling* on the body -- and so very wearable....your friend should most definitely come see :) :)

thanks for saying something!